This Is Not Exactly Black Girl Magic

I have never watched this show a day in my life but I just might tune in on May 22 as 31 year old Rachel Lindsay, a Texas lawyer and contestant on the current season of The Bachelor, has been announced as the next Bachelorette, the first black lead on either dating show.

Well girl, if that's what you want, I guess so...

This isn't exactly good news, I just want to see how many brothers they'll choose as one of her suitors. My guess is 5 minus 4, but I could be wrong. I just can't get with a black woman chasing behind white men, it irks the fuck out of my spirit. And listen, I don't like seeing any woman chase behind any man, but in today's racial climate that has existed since those motherfuckers landed on this here land and robbed, raped and pillaged their way into power, my patience for this kind of thing is thin as a mofo.

So, who's tuning in to see the shit show with me?