For the Four: Issue No. 01

I am so in love with Rue107 because, everything! I'm pulling this straight off of the website because my creative juices aren't flowing since I haven't even eaten breakfast yet.

"The creative spirit behind Rue107 is designer Marie Jean-Baptiste, who was born in the culturally rich and beautiful island of Haiti and now lives in New York City. Marie’s design aesthetic is jubilant and expressive. Through her designs, Marie shares the vibrant Creole colors that are a part of her heritage, while constantly drawing inspiration from the cultural melting pot of New York."

So each year I make a vow to do better with my appearance and I just never stick to it. Working for the State of Florida just does something to you, or me rather. Its like I have endless amounts of zero fucks to give and it shows. I don't wanna be like this anymore though guys, I'm too old to be looking all ready roll and shit, and my grandmother constantly turns her nose up at me when she sees what I wore to work. I'm just tired of the judgement. Honestly, I'm not, I don't care what people think, but you ladies are forever killing it on Instagram and dammit I wanna come for multiple lives too.

I will attempt to find something appropriate for a 36 year old mother of two to wear. My mission is to find an outfit to wear to work, on bae night, school function and something on the weekend from this shop. I think I just might make this a new series. I'll TRY to feature one black owned shop that can provide 4 different looks. If its a shoe store, I'll choose shoes for work, weekend, bae night, etc... and same goes for accessories shops, t-shirt shops and so on. Oh my damn, this might actually be fun!

Okay, so I'm just getting started and Rue107 won't be able to provide me all the options listed below, so I'm going to have to use another shop or several to complete this list. So, going forward this series will feature 1 or more black owned fashion companies. 

Leave a comment below and tell me what black owned businesses you like to shop!

For Work - Crew Pom-Pom + Phillipa Pom-Pom Pant $$$$

For Bae Night - Cicely Top + Nefertiti Skirt in Spicy Mustard $$

For School Function - Midi Infinity in Purple $$

For the Weekend - Dotie Lace Up Haler Jumpsuit $$