Welcome To The Lemonade Academy

I have launched many a side businesses since 2006, my first official year working in the "real world". It was that year that I decided this shit ain't for me. I'm still here though. Working to get that small ass paycheck to pay these large ass bills. Apparently, this shit is for me.

What I really mean is, working for someone else makes me extremely unhappy. So much so that I've become obsessed with being my own version of a Girl Boss - all black, fabulous, inspowering and whatnot.

Anyway, I decided to create the Lemonade Academy where I will be talking about each business venture or side hustle idea I launched or thought about launching, how I started it and all the tools, sites and any links I've used in the past. Once monthly I will focus on one new business that you can start, and once weekly I will cover several different steps to help you go from business idea to launching your new startup. 

Here's a list of businesses I've launched or thought about launching. Each one of these businesses cost me less than $3,000 to start - one only cost me $31 to launch, and in my first month I made $800. 

  • Subscription Box Business
  • Shoe Party Business
  • Vintage Clothes Business
  • Cutoff  Shorts Business
  • Mobile Party Bus Business (for children)
  • Hand Painted Unfinished Wood Business
  • Wire Head Wrap Business
  • Bath & Body Business
  • Candle Business
There are tons of websites and blogs that will give you way more businesses that you can start for little money. The difference between them and the Lemonade Academy is that they stop at telling you the type of business to start, some will even tell you about how much money you would need to start such a business, but that's about it. With the Lemonade Academy, I break down the entire process from idea to launch and I do it all for free! You may be asking, "But Stephanie, why are you giving away all this goodness for free?" My muva did the same thing, here's how our conversation went:

Muva: Un-uh Stephanie, what if someone takes your business idea and turns a major profit? How are you gonna get your cut?

Me: Girl listen, that's the whole idea, for my readers to make a profit off of these ideas. I got all this God-Given Sauce and it helps no one to keep it bottled up.

Muva: But what do you get out of it?

Me: Chile, everythang! I just want to help people help themselves, besides, ain't nobody reading this blog anyway mama, I can't charge nobody for these nuggets no matter how golden they are.

So there. I'm not looking to make money off of your hard work. I'm just here to walk you through the process with little baby steps and cotton socks. Since we're halfway through February and I don't particularly care to start something in the middle of the month, I'll begin the first week of March. This gives me time to prepare anyway. Although this is the most informal free class ever, I still want to be as professional as possible.

Think of the Lemonade Academy as a sort of Boss Girl Academy with a twist - we're all homegirls just shooting the breeze, learning how to be rich AF while sipping mimosas and eating crab legs - it gets no better than that!

Tell me, what type of business would you like see featured in the Lemonade Academy?