the Lemonade Collective talks about stuff we love and hate - culture, beauty, real world fuckshit, relationships, food, style and anything else we can think of - the way you would with your sister, cousin or best girl friend. We're uncensored over here, so if swear words aren't your jam, close the door on your way out.

Founded by Stephanie Bruce as an escape from the media's incessant hourly updates about the piece of shit America recently voted into our "esteemed" White House, the Lemonade Collective is a place for you to escape the crazy. You should probably have a cup of this lemonade first thing in the morning, at lunch and before bed too, just saying.

Truth Moment: the Lemonade Collective is just me, as in Stephanie. I just started this blog on February 1,2017, the day after closing my online apparel shop. I just needed a place to cuss freely and be unapologetically everythang.

Also, I am not pictured in the image above nor do I know these ladies, but they are fierce, black and dope as fuck and that's pretty much all that matters as it relates to images used on this here About Us page.